How to choose SSD accumulator

How to choose SSD accumulator

How to choose an SSD accumulator

Would you like to speed up your computer? The first thing to think about is the processor, the memory and the video card. About the early "Winchester" deyakі zamislyuyuyutsya in the rest of the black, vibirayuchi yogo for superfluous principle. Well, as in the list of purchases, there is still a solid-state accumulator, and not a single non-alternative hard drive. This small cheat sheet will help you to get better at modern storage technologies and not get lost when choosing an SSD for your computer.

Form factor: mSATA, M.2, 2.5" and PCI Express what’s the stink?

Actually, SSDs come in three different form factors. Strictly seeming, even more accumulative, like mothers can get excited, be it any kind, and connect to a computer for the help of Thunderbolt or USB, but it’s not about them at once.

2.5 " (Two and a half inches) – this is the typical size of a laptop hard drive. Simple and reasonable, to that in the same case they began to produce and solid-state accumulators, so that it would be easier to modernize old additions, It doesn’t do much for the new ones. Rose and SATA cable, eating the same as a hard drive. Great aluminum case for good heat dissipation. The cost of the 2.5-inch SSD. We don’t let SSD technology open, it doesn’t need much in such dimensions, modern solid-state storage devices can take a lot less space.

mSATA – storage format, which is the easiest to describe as 2.5 "without a case. Therefore, the cost of memory chips is small, which can transfer data and life for the SATA standard. More compact than the front version, but with the same better interface.

M.2 – current compact format for larger SSDs. This is, in fact, a board with microcircuits, as it is connected without intermediary to the motherboard. Without cables and bulky cases. On the other hand, this format appeared there, de find it, tobto, in laptops. Ale took root in an hour and in the desktop computers. The downside of such a solution is that it is possible to take into account the lack of thermal insulation: In the case of fallow in the model, which works in the high heat mode, additional radiators are required. For more options, when choosing an SSD for your home gaming computer, you should also choose M.2 format. Before speech, the numbers 2280 in the name (there are more options 2230 2242, 2260) indicate less for the size of the payment in millimeters, de 22 is the width (they are the same for all), and 80 is the length (in fact, only on the floor, borrowed in the middle of the system unit ).

PCI Express – you can’t get lost here. Wonder: this term is called the data transfer interface, as well as the physical rose on the motherboard. Now we are talking about roses, more precisely, about the form factor of an expansion card, like being installed in a PCI Express slot. The advantage of such an SSD implementation variant is the ability to tweak a larger PCIe x8 configuration. But such a card is expanded, it is large and takes up a non-slot slot, more pidide for the server, if you want to experiment at home, which allows the budget.

What is NVMe and why is SATA used?

Axis, this is an important moment. With the 2.5 "and mSATA form factors, everything was clear, they work over the SATA interface. Accumulating cards in the format of cards for the PCI Express slot work over the PCI Express interface. That’s why M.2-capacity, which works both for the greater SATA protocol, and for the greater PCIe protocol.

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