Dr. Shams Ragheb writes a prayer for Egypt


Written by: Shams Ragheb

Oh God, protect Egypt and the Arab countries and all people:

• He – the Most High – said: – And your Lord said, “Call upon Me, I will respond to you.”

• Lord, protect Egypt and make its day better than its yesterday and its tomorrow better than its day and do not deprive its people of security and safety and the rest of the Arab countries
Muslims and all people.

• Oh God, I ask you in your greatest name and your most honorable face to protect us with your protection and care and make those who are before us and behind us and from our oaths
And from our left and from above us and below us, a protection from you, by which you will deliver us from what we fear and fear.
• God is great God is great God is greater than everything we fear and warn there is no god but him
Glory be to You, we were among the wrongdoers. Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves and if you do not forgive
us and have mercy on us, so that we may be among the losers.

Oh God, guard us with your eyes that do not sleep, and protect us with your unshakable glory.
Oh God, this epidemic is one of your soldiers, you infect whomever you want, oh God
Distract it from us and our children, our brothers, our families, our homes, our country and all the Muslim countries, and save us from the evil of disease and calamity with your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

• O Allah, lift the epidemic and the affliction from us and deliver us from temptation what appeared from it and what
stomach . Oh, O Qayyum, with your mercy, we cry out for help
We are all for ourselves blink of an eye.

• Lord, write for us in the new year of the most beautiful fates and the most complete happiness. Lord, make it a year that changes our dreams into reality.

• A year that brings joy and happiness. Every year and our hearts are the finest.

• I pray to God for you and me in the new year with happiness that we did not count for, a provision that does not run out, and success that accompanies us forever.

• Oh God, we entrust you with the year that has passed in our life, to forgive us and have mercy on us
Forgive us and bless us in our days to come.

• It fixes our souls, facilitates our affairs, and realizes our dreams. Lord write to us in
The coming year will be a happiness that will change the course of our lives for the better for our religion and our world

And to protect our children, families and friends, and let us enjoy health and wellness
We are blessed with contentment and contentment.

• You heal us, you heal us, you forgive us, you have mercy on us, you forgive our dead, and you are the most merciful of the merciful. May God bless our master Muhammad and all his family and companions, and our last prayer is that praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

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